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  • Cadence Rosenblum

Why Me? A Fascinating Scientific Study

Have you ever wondered, why me? Why, out of all of the people on this earth, was I given the food allergy genes? Also, why is it that our generation seems to be much more greatly impacted than the generations before us?

I have grown up also asking those questions, and I recently stumbled upon a scientific study that opened my eyes and I would love to share! According to a study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology, babies who are born via C-section rather than traditionally are missing out on vital bacteria, which makes them more susceptible to developing allergies and asthma later in life. The study observed over 6,000 infants from New York and tracked their health over three years. “The report found that infants delivered by C-section were at more than double the risk of developing food-borne allergies and asthma by their third birthdays than babies born vaginally.” (1)

These results absolutely shocked me, because I was a C-section baby! Was this the reason that I, and so many others in my generation, suffer from allergies? I then started to wonder why this was the case. How is it that Cesarean Sections increase allergy risk?

Experts say that the main contributor to these results is something called “microbiome seeding”. Our microbiomes are a “community of microorganisms living together”(2) in our bodies, and they are thought to be linked to immune and gut health. When babies are born traditionally, their microbiomes are exposed to healthy bacteria, a process called “microbiome seeding”. C-section babies miss out on this important bacteria, which could weaken their microbiomes and put them more at risk of developing allergies.

So, as we enter new years of innovations, with C-sections and other medical technologies on the rise, it is important to think about the lasting impacts that were not initially considered.

P.S. Here are the full articles if you are curious about reading more:



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