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Friends Can Help

The summer before my freshman year of high school, my allergist and I thought it would be a good idea to train some of my friends on how to help me if I ever had an allergic reaction that required the use of my auto injector. First, I asked my allergist for tips. I do recommend asking your allergist for specific tips on how to actually show them how friends can help if you need to use the EpiPen.

I would recommend first asking your friends if they would be comfortable helping you administer the Epi Pen or Auvi Q if needed. I told my friends "I want to go to all these places, but if there were to be an emergency would you help me administer this?".They were very willing and wanted to learn. So, when I trained my friends I asked them to come over to my house so it would be in a comfortable setting.

Before showing them how to use it I showed them where I kept my EpiPens, since they already knew I always carry it with me. I gave them simple instructions on how they can help me and what each should do. I also used the “trainer” that comes with my subscription and has no medicine in it to demonstrate. Even though they have never needed to administer it, I felt good that we had a plan and grateful to have such good friends.

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