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Thankful with Food Allergies

Hey y’all! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving if you celebrated it. I have many things that I am grateful for, and although food allergies can be difficult to live with at times, I’m thankful for the amazing things that come with them.

First and foremost, I’m incredibly thankful for the friends I’ve made through FARE’s Teen Advisory Group and the Teen Summits! I’ve met some truly wonderful friends through these groups, and I’m so glad to be part of this community. Food allergies have also helped me develop important skills that are beneficial in other aspects of my life as well. My allergies have helped me become more independent, and I’ve become better at advocating for myself and others as well. I’ve also become more responsible since I have to make sure everything is safe for me to eat and that I always have my medicine with me. I also appreciate all the allergy-friendly recipes and all the creativity that goes into them! I love being able to experiment in the kitchen.

While food allergies certainly pose many challenges, I’m grateful for the good things they’ve given me -- and I’m glad having food allergies isn’t all bad.

Also, my friend Emily wrote a similar article on her blog, nallergy! Go check it out here!

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