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Surround Yourself With Trusted People

There are three groups of people you will meet while living your life with food allergies.

These groups are:

Group 1: People that understand and are supportive.

Group 2: People that may not understand it but are still supportive

Group 3: People who may or may not understand it and are not supportive.

Appreciate the people in groups 1 and 2. When dealing with group 3 I always try to educate them if I have the opportunity to. But there were times people have said horrible things about food allergies.

Group 1 and 2 are always the people I appreciate. For example these are people who sat with me at the peanut free table and when I was in high school I showed them how to use my Epipen in case I ever needed it.

Group 3 people are not supportive. If they were open to me letting them know the reality of food allergies sometimes they did at least show some respect about it which is appreciated. Unfortunately, some of the people I found in this group for whatever reason would choose to say hurtful things about food allergies or make jokes about it.

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