• Jacqueline See-Tho

Securing Safe Food: Allergy Awareness Initiative

By Jacqueline See-Tho- in collaboration with other members of the Securing Safe Food Team (Danielle Huli, Rachel Brooks, Rylee Christian, Gabriella DiGiovanni, Suraj Kalaria, Sydney Hankin, Fahran Bajaj, Sara Hantgan, and Lizzy Anderlik)

I am a member of FARE’s 2020 Teen Advisory Group. One project I am a part of is titled "Securing Safe Food", headed by Rachel Brooks. We work to increase the food allergic community’s accessibility to safe food through restaurant education, ingredient lists, and supplying allergy-friendly food options for those in need. We aspire to support, advocate, and spread awareness to help secure safe food for the 32 million Americans who live with a food allergy. By collaborating with eateries, cafeterias, and local food pantries, we aim to reduce the challenge of finding allergy-friendly food outside the home.

We plan to educate and interact with restaurants by suggesting procedures for avoiding cross-contamination and helping to create systems that are more friendly to the food allergic community. These systems would include color-coded plates and utensils, helpful and easily accessible ingredient binders, and redesigned menus that label dishes with major allergens. We also aim to introduce comprehensive and easy-to-read ingredient lists in school cafeterias and provide allergy-friendly options for those in need by collaborating with local food pantries. This involves establishing top-8 free sections and securing donations from allergy-friendly brands.

Before we achieve these goals, we hope to become a legally certified nonprofit. We are working to raise $1,000 to secure tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status and secure money for our future endeavors. We are calling on the food allergic community for support so we can raise awareness around life with food allergies and advocate to improve the lives of those affected. So many of us are impacted by food allergies, and we know firsthand how challenging it can be to find allergen-free food, especially outside the home. Please follow and support us on our social media, Our Instagram, and Our Facebook Page. If you are interested in donating please visit Our GoFundMe Page and share our mission with others. Together we can strive to secure safe food.

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