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  • Alia O'Brien

International Red Sneaker Day

Happy International Red Sneaker Day! Today we wear red to raise food allergy awareness and honor the memory of Oakley, an 11 year old boy who tragically passed away after a fatal anaphylactic reaction. Stories like his are why we have to remain vigilant at all times. Be constantly aware of our surroundings. Read every label, every time. Stories like his are every food allergic kid, adult, and parent's worst fear. While it gets tiring being afraid so constantly, that fear keeps us going a lot of the time. It keeps us vigilant, which keeps us safe. It keeps us motivated to continue advocating, for ourselves and others. And if tragedy does strike, if the unthinkable happens, it gives us an opportunity to turn something horrendous into something positive. That's exactly what Oakley's family have done. They created a nonprofit organization called Red Sneakers For Oakley that is dedicated to raising awareness and spreading education for food allergies. They created this day specifically to help spread the word and raise awareness for food allergies. So today, we wear our red, speak out, and keep Oakley and his family in our hearts. Happy International Red Sneaker Day!

PS: Visit Red Sneakers for Oakley here:

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