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How Friends Can Help With Food Allergies

While having food allergies can be difficult sometimes, having good friends who support me makes it easier! I’m glad to have friends who have made managing my allergies less stressful. Here are some ways my friends have been able to help me!

1. Understanding my allergies

Having friends who understand the severity of my allergies has been a major stress reliever. If you have a friend with food allergies and have any questions, make sure to ask them! It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s great to know that my friends care and want to make sure they understand. My friends know what I’m allergic to, and I’ve told them where my auto-injectors are and how to administer them, just in case.

2. Being aware and careful

In addition to knowing of my allergies, my friends have been great at being aware of what they eat around me. I really appreciate it when my friends make sure they don’t eat something with my allergens around me, or if they accidentally do, they make sure to be careful about it and wash their hands afterwards. While it might be a little extra work on their part, it certainly goes a long way, and I value the effort.

3. Making sure I can eat with them

Whether it’s at a friend’s party or we’re going out to eat, my friends make sure to check if I’m okay with the food available to eat. If they bring in snacks, they make sure to check the ingredients (and have them available for me to check, just in case). My friends have also traded the Halloween candy I can’t eat with candy I like in past years!

These three things have made my life so much less stressful. I’m glad to have such amazing friends who have made managing my allergies easier, and I hope this can help someone with friends with food allergies!

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