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How Food Allergies Have Affected My Life

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I am a teenager from North Carolina.

I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, and I found out when I was five years old after going into anaphylactic shock from a cashew (not a good experience, btw). Since then, I haven't had any allergic reactions, and I've learned how to properly handle an allergic reaction if I ever have one.


I enjoy singing, acting, playing piano and ukulele, baking, coding, and many more things. When I was in 6th and 7th grade, I was in Jr. Beta club. This included an initiation ceremony, which also included a cake that was processed with nuts. I've always had a sweet tooth, so it's hard enough for me to be happy watching other people eat a beautiful cake; it's even harder when people decide to make fun of you for not being able to eat it.

That was the only bad situation that I've experienced with extracurriculars and food allergies. Since then, I've just experienced the normal food allergy kid stuff. Bringing my own food, saying no to desserts and food that I don't know the ingredients of; that kind of thing.


For my elementary school years, I sat at the nut free table. Not a great experience, but it kept me safe.

Middle school was when my food allergies started to affect my school life. There was no nut free table, and I was actually fine with that. I can be around my food allergens as long as I don't touch or eat them. In 7th grade, one person decided that it would be funny if they tried to give my nuts. Every day they held out a nut for me to eat. Of course, I never ate one, but it got to the point where I was worried they might actually, like, put a nut in my food. Eventually they stopped trying to give me a nut, but they made it very known that I had a food allergy. Please never, ever make fun of someone for their food allergies. As scary as it sounds, It could be the difference between life and death.

Friends and Family

My friends have always been very aware of my food allergy, and they have done a lot to make sure I was safe. They check ingredients labels, and they don't eat nuts around me.

My family is very helpful when it comes to my food allergies. They've always kept me safe, and they've taught me how to deal with my food allergies.

Food Allergy Projects

This is my first year being on FARE's Teen Advisory Group, also known as TAG. I've already gotten to work on some amazing projects, and I've met some awesome people. The TAG projects I'm working on are this blog, a project that's spreading Epi-pen awareness, and I'm even helping to write a book.

I'm also planning on launching a blog sometime this year. You can follow the instagram @nallergy so that you're notified when my blog launches. The more food allergy awareness, the better!

Food allergy awareness is something we need more of, and I will continue to spread awareness so that I can live in a world that is more food allergy aware. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and happy food allergy awareness week! Comment down below what you do to spread food allergy awareness, or what you're doing for food allergy awareness week.

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