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  • Maura Yodice

Hanging Out and Making New Friends

When you meet new friends, it’s might be hard to tell/explain to them that you have a food allergy. From personal experience, I know that it can be nerve racking and you just

wonder how they’re going to react or how they’ll handle it so here are some tips!

1) When you make a new friend make sure you bring it up in a casual conversation with them. Also let them know what you are allergic to, if you are airborne, and how severe it is. Make assure you know you can trust them to take your allergy seriously.

2) If you start to hang out and decide to go to a restaurant, always ask what they are going to order before it’s actually time to order, that way you know if you have to ask them to get something else. If you don’t know what to say try something like this, “Oh I’m actually allergic to that so do you think it would be ok if you ordered something else?” Chances are they will say yes but if they say no because it’s the only thing they like, tell them that you don’t feel comfortable around that food, and if they still say no then they aren’t a real friend because they won’t accommodate to your serious health issue.

3) ALWAYS CARRY YOUR EPI-PEN! You should also teach your friend how to use an epi-pen, as long as they know what to do if you have a reaction, you should be fine!

I hope this helped you find ways to be more comfortable making friends and hanging out with them! Have fun and be safe!

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