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Gift Giving and Food Allergies

It’s now the holiday season! With the holidays, there comes the question of gifts. What to get, who to give it to, and how much to spend are all questions on our minds during this time of the year. But what do you get for people with food allergies? Today, I'm going to be giving you some tips on gift giving and food allergies.

1. Ask

The fist step is just to ask your recipient if they have any food allergies. If they don't, then you're good to go! However, if they do, keep reading to see what to do. Also, if you are buying gifts for Secret Santa, White Elephant, or something where you're not sure if you're giving this to someone with food allergies, I'd recommend steering clear of items with food. That way you won't have to worry if the recipient can use your gift.

2. Research

If you are set on buying a food gift, don't give anything homemade or anything without an ingredients label on it. Check with you recipient to make sure that they can eat your gift.

If you are not sure, just stick to non food gifts. Beware of gifts that hide food allergens in them, too. Allergens can be hidden in makeup, skincare products, pet items, and even play dough! Just be aware of what is in your gifts.

There are some tips on gift giving with food allergies! Comment down below what you are asking for this Christmas. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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