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Food Allergy Friends

Last year, I went to the Living Teal Global Summit for the first time. To sum it up, it was one of the best weekends of my life and such an incredible experience. That is why this year, when the pandemic hit, I was very upset to have to have the summit virtual. Nevertheless, I attended and it was still amazing.

It has always been hard finding friends at school or in everyday life who are willing to understand the severity of my food allergies and learn how to be safe around me. I have been so lucky to find a few friends who understand, but most people are not at all aware of my life living with food allergies. Last year, when I attended the summit, it was like a breath of fresh air. Everybody there completely understood my situation and no explaining ever had to be done. I saw every single person with some sort of bag for their epinephrine, wiping down seats, and being just as careful as I have my whole life. I had never been around so many people like me before- it was so validating to see others acting the exact same way I was.

Food allergy friends are the best. They are people you can rant to about all the annoying things people say about your food allergies, and it is so easy to relate to them on a very deep level. This year at the summit, I was so happy to see old and new friends, even if it was on zoom. Throughout the time from last summit to this one, I have met so many people through FARE’s Teen Advisory Group or Instagram, and it was so cool to finally see and talk with them!

My point of this blog post is that it is always important to have these types of people in your life- people who you don’t have to explain anything to, and people who totally just get it. The Living Teal Global Summit has done this for me, and I couldn’t be happier to have so many new friends. So- reach out to people! There are SO many food allergy accounts you can find on Instagram, and the community is amazing. You can follow me at @foodallergycommunity. Go make some new friends!! :)

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