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Focus On The Positive

Appreciate the people who are there for you. I cannot express this more. We all have had moments in our lives where we look at the negative moments instead of positive. In life there will be people who stay in your life for a while and then they leave. There will also be people who stay with you forever. You can only control yourself.

Having food allergies can cause us to be left out of plans. We have had people make plans right in front of us about what they should do this weekend. We have been invited to something and then find out they had already done it without us. I used to always think that they just don't want to deal with the food part of it. I used to just think about the negative moments I've had. But I have to remember that there are much more positives in my life then negatives. I would much rather look at the positive moments. I rather think about the friends I have who sat with me all through elementary and middle school. I think about my friends who do include me in their plans.

I’m sure we have all been in situations with others not understanding allergies. I have come across people in my life who just don’t get it. No matter how much I try to educate them they still don’t understand. At this point I have to protect myself. Is it worth being friends with someone who doesn’t get it?

When I feel upset or think why did I have to have food allergies I have to remember the positives. I think about my friends. I always tell my friends I have food allergies. If they don’t understand I try to educate them. If it still doesn’t work then I find new friends. I think about the times when people did include me. I try to remember the times people arranged their whole birthday party so I could come. I think about when someone had something I couldn’t be around my friend stood by me and tried to educate others.

Only you can control you. You cannot control how others react to you or if they choose to be your friend. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good ,want to protect you, and choose you.

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