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  • George VanHaaften

Finding New Foods

Finding new foods with multiple food allergies has always been a little bit different for me. My friends love things like Doritos, and Cheetos and having severe allergies all my life I was always told I was missing out on not eating those foods but I never knew anything else so it never bothered me. But as dietary restriction awareness rose, my mom, who has always been proactive about finding food replacements, started finding all these replacements that were similar to the original product. Here is how she did it.

If you have food allergies, you are often submerged in the food allergy community that is Facebook groups, blogs like this one, and articles and studies found on the web. This is easily the best way to find new foods to eat that are safe. Once you connect with other food allergic families, it is like one big team working together to find foods that are made in safe facilities, etc.

If you aren't submerged in that community for some reason. My best advice is to submerge yourself in it. Join the Facebook groups, read the blogs and studies, and connect to food allergic families in your communities. If you are able to find someone that has been through your current stage of life then they can help you with what to eat and with everything else that a food allergic teen experiences.

If you can successfully submerge yourself in these it is activities it is the best way to find brands and foods that are allergy safe and conscious. This is the biggest thing in finding all different types of advice to manage life with food allergies. Best of luck and I hope you find some delicious foods!

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