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Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is a huge problem for people with food allergies. It means that if there is a product that doesn’t have my allergen in it, it still could be unsafe for us to eat. In this blog post, I will explain more about this.

I am allergic to dairy, egg, and kiwi. Dairy and egg are the hard ones because they are found in so much. Something people assume about my food allergies is that I only can’t have a glass of milk or scrambled eggs. They don’t realize that I also can’t have any food that could have even a slight trace of dairy or egg. This means that along with all dairy products, I can’t eat anything from companies that make even just one product with one of my allergens in it. This is because of the cross contamination problem. Most companies make more than one of their products on the same lines, which means that there could be a dairy product made with the same equipment as another product that might not have my allergens in it. This other product is now contaminated with dairy and is not safe for me to eat.

Something people assume is that if they hand me a product and I read the label before I eat it, it is automatically safe for me to eat. This is not true. If the product is by a company that I have never eaten from before, even if my allergens are not listed in the ingredients I have to actually call the company and ask them about their allergy protocol. This keeps me safe from cross contamination or there potentially being an allergen of mine in the food. Packaged food is a lot easier for me to have because if I know the company, then I can read the label and eat it.

If I am at somebody’s house and they are cooking, they might offer me some of their food. I automatically have to say no thanks. They might even tell me that it’s safe because none of my allergens are in it, but this is not true. Any of the equipment they used to make their food could have had one of my allergens on it. Who knows how good their dishwasher is or if they reused utensils from before when they were making something I am allergic to.

There are so many companies that go the extra mile to keep their food safe from allergens. One of these companies is So Delicious- they have a very strict allergen protocol that they follow. To start, they make sure each of the companies they purchase ingredients from follow their safety standards. If one of these ingredients contains a major allergen, it is segregated from other ingredients. While they are making their products, they clean their lines and test them for the allergen before their next product run. To read more about this, visit:

I am so thankful for companies like So Delicious because they ensure that food allergic people have safe and good food to eat! Cross contamination is everywhere, and it is so important to be careful in avoiding it.

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