• Maura Yodice

Cooking with Allergies

Having two severe allergies, I’ve always felt left out in the sense of not being able to eat everything my friends and family can. That’s when I discovered baking. I’ve always been a baker but it’s really come in handy with allergies. If you have a food allergy it can be frustrating not being able to eat everything and having to be super careful, but if you make your own version of those foods that are safe for you, it can be almost the same!! The best way to try food you can’t have, is to make it yourself. Personally I feel much more comfortable eating food that I made instead of when it’s from somebody else. If you want to start trying food that you have never been able to have, this is the best way to start. Try finding recipes online or use Pinterest. Search through them until you find one that is safe for you and looks good, then make it!! It’s a great way to try new foods and be comfortable doing it. Have fun cooking, baking, and trying new things!!

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