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Living with food allergies comes with a lot of responsibilities. Throughout the years, I have grown more independent in dealing with my allergies, and this has required lots of confidence and trust in myself.

From carrying your own epi-pen to making sure you have safe surroundings at all times, managing food allergies can be stressful. I have had to become my own biggest advocate to keep myself safe. I also have to trust myself that I know how to take care of myself. I have my epi-pen on my 24/7- so much that it actually feels like a piece of me is missing if I don’t have it! At lunch, I make sure that everyone around me is eating food that I can be around. If I have to speak up or tell someone to please move, sometimes I feel like I’m being rude. But, I have to remind myself that I am keeping myself safe and need to be assertive to do that.

When I was younger, I was very shy. I’m still not the most outspoken person, but when it comes to my food allergies and keeping myself safe, I have no choice but to become that person. I have to let go of any worry of what others might think of me and have to be as assertive as I can be. I used to be embarrassed to have to carry my epi-pen with me, but I constantly had to remind myself that it is my life-saving medicine if I were ever to need it, and instead told myself to feel thankful that I can afford it and have it on me.

There are so many things to think about with having food allergies, and it can become very stressful- this is totally normal! The biggest thing to remind yourself is that you are strong and are capable of anything. If there ever was a situation where you needed to use your epi-pen, you would be able to do it and you would be okay. Trust yourself and have confidence! You got this!

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