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Branching Out of Your Food Routine

We all have those certain foods that we eat every day without fail. Sometimes having food allergies can make you feel like your options are limited concerning what you can and cannot eat. You can fall into a sort of food routine where you eat the same things every day and it can get really boring. There are a couple of ways to solve this.

One way is by looking up the websites of the brands that you eat a lot and know are safe. On their website, you can see all of the other products they make and find new foods that way. You can also try looking up dedicated food allergy-free brands such as Enjoy Life or So Delicious.

Another way you can eat different meals is by making a list of all the foods and spices you can eat and have. Then, be creative and come up with new recipes that you can make with those ingredients. There are also websites such as Supercook where you can input all the ingredients you have and it will give you meal ideas using just those ingredients.

Lastly, you can go through cookbooks you have at home and make something new. There are a ton of online cookbooks too, and I actually have one. It is called Cooking with Food Allergies and we post new recipes on there all the time. I started this online cookbook because I wanted to try to put common recipes on there that people can make and bring if they go out with friends or to a restaurant and want to bring their own food. That way, they can have the same food as everyone else and feel included. But, for now, there are great recipes on there that can be made to eat at home! Each recipe includes what allergens it is free from, so you can quickly eliminate recipes you cannot eat.

I hope these tips help you to find some new recipes to make and cure your food routine!

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