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Our Purpose

The idea for the food allergic teens blog started when I was looking for resources to help me feel less alone on my journey as a teen with food allergies. I was surprised by how hard it was to find blogs by other food allergic teens, and just how many of the "teenage" resources were written by adults! I realized this needed to be fixed, so I reached out to my fellow food allergic teens. They all agreed that this was an issue, and soon enough, we had a team of over 20! Our mission is to help other teens feel less alone in their journey by representing a variety of experiences. We all have unique situations and stories, and by sharing ours, we hope to help others on their journey. On this blog, you'll find advice from us on dealing with situations unique to being a teenager with food allergies, resources we've found helpful, and stories and tidbits from our daily life! It truly means the world to all of us to have an opportunity to make our voice heard and help others out in the process. 

Alia O'Brien

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